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  • September 22, 2016
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Building the Blue Print for Economic Empowerment: Introducing Bermy’slist, Bermuda’s Virtual Economy.

Economic empowerment means many things to different people, for Bermy’slist Founders, Marlon & Shimika Rojas , it meant giving people the tools and the infrastructure to gain financial independence. This is especially critical for our economy which we are all well aware isn’t diversified enough to allow the majority of people with varied skill sets to gain access to wealth. The truth is , there are plenty of talented local businesses that simply don’t have access to both the physical and intellectual capital that would allow them to be lucrative independently. On this basis, they are locked into a system where they rely on Trickled Down Economics or Crime as a means of gaining access to wealth. We believe that building a culture that is conducive to building our own institutions and trading with one another is the best alternative to this model and thus Bermy’slist was Born.


Bermy’slist is Bermuda’s first Virtual Economy. It acts as an ultimate directory for consumers and a state of the art e-commerce and trading platform for businesses, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. It gives each business a FREE feature rich website that allows for them to conduct their business just like a multi-million dollar corporation would.

With a Bermy’slist Website , each business can :
• Sell their Products and Services Online ( Accepted payment methods include Bank Transfer, Credit & Debit Cards)
• Issue and Redeem Coupons
• Post their Sales, Promotions, and Store Announcements
• Send Custom Quotes to Customers & Receive Job Alert Notifications
• Allow customers to book appointments online (Sends automatic text message reminders)

The most distinct feature about the Bermy’slist Network is its use of the diversification principle. The network is comprised of 13 different websites, each catering to a specific function or industry. Businesses in the network will get a website in the Directory which they can compliment with other Bermy’slist website services or profile pages that cater to their business’ needs. They will benefit from the embedded residual advertising that this diversification brings absolutely free!That means that companies who are in our network can receive a new customer from varied demographics just by being part of the Bermy’slist Network!

For example, Company B sells children’s clothing and has an online store in our network. Customer A opens up the Bermy’slist app and clicks on babysitters because she wants to search for a nanny. After completing her search, she remembers she needs to get a raincoat for her son. She then clicks on Online Mall in the Bermy’slist App and types raincoat in the search bar, She sees the raincoat and purchases it .
Company B didn’t have to do any advertising to the Customer A demographic in order to get that SALE! That’s the intrinsic advertising power of being a Bermy’slist member!

Why Support the Bermy’slist Concept?
Because we have engineered a platform that will level the playing field. All of the state of the art features that Corporate giants such as Amazon, Groupon, Ebay , Craig’slist and the like utilize, have been customized and embedded into Bermy’slist. And the best part is, all of the profit generated form the Bermy’slist business model will be repatriated right here in Bermuda. So instead of giving our Advertising or Business management dollars to Facebook, Twitter, etc all of whom don’t employ or support our Local economy, why not give those same advertising dollars to comparable local Companies and put those dollars right back into our community.


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