How it Works
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Well, if you are interested in being able to reach many more customers seamlessly then this is a great addition to your current marketing initiatives. It’s always a good idea to diversify your options and that includes your marketing outreach. With the Bermy’slist app, you can easily reach far more customers than using one marketing platform alone . Our website also has a integrated payment platform so customers are not limited to WINDOW SHOPPING, they can CLICK AND BUY!

What we mean is that we turn WINDOW SHOPPING INTO ACTUAL SALES. There are a lot of marketing platforms out there who introduce your products or services to people but it stops there leaving you uncertain of whether or not people are actually buying or booking your services. We offer a complete shopping experience where customers can not only view your product or service,they can just Click on a button, and BAM they are given the option to buy a product, book a service or get a coupon code right away!! This way, they don’t just see it and forget about it.

No, you cannot. We are able to keep our costs so low by streamlining the processes that we undertake. Only clients who subscribe to our packages can submit deals and coupons to our website and it automatically sends out all this information via email, text message through our mobile app, and to our clients social media pages. Our service is fully automated and requires that we set up an account with relevant information to save our clients and us time and money!

This service has a very wide outreach because we are accessible via a mobile app and we are part f the wider Bermyslist network. As you are aware, the Bermy’slistnetwork caters to many different demographics and industries. This service reaches out to everyone with the Bermy’slist App, everyone who has subscribed to Bermys’list email lists and everyone who browses our website looking for Promotions, Coupons, deals, and announcements Now,who doesn’t like a good deal or to know what’s going on in Bermuda!

Yes, we absolutely can. Our state of the art software is so advanced that we are able to do 3 things with your announcements, promotions, specials, etc. 1. Send it to all your social media pages. 2. Send it via email. 3. Send it via mobile app text message.

Customers to whom you want to inform about your promotions. coupons, or announcements can be reached immediately via your social media pages, via emails , via this website , and via our mobile app with a text message notification. Watch our explainer videos to see how it all works!

No contracts here!! We believe businesses require the flexibility to use us as much or as little as needed. The key word being .. as needed. We pride ourselves on being able to offer a turn key solution for business owners so that they don’t have to worry about doing all the TIME CONSUMING work revolving around customer engagements, sales, and marketing efforts. However, if that’s something business owners are proficient in, we encourage businesses to use our smaller packages or they can quit whenever they need to. Alternatively, as one’s business grows, one can upgrade their package and let us do it all for you so that our business owners can actually focus on doing their craft well!